1993 Grey Stallion
Owner: Wind Horse Farms
Breeder: Michalow State Stud
Stud Fee: $5000 LFG
Transported Semen
Sweepstakes Nominated Sire
SCID Clear
Standing at: Wind Horse Farm
  Santa Ynez, CA
Contact: Ron & Mila hart
Website: www.emanor.com
US National Champion Stallion
Polish National Champion Stallion
Canadian National Champion Park Horse
Canadian National Reserve Champion Stallion
Canadian National Reserve Champion English Pleasure
US National Top Ten Park Horse
US National Top Ten English Pleasure
Scottsdale Champion English Pleasure
Regional Champion Stallion
Regional Champion English Pleasure
Regional Champion Park Horse
Polish National Best in Show
"And the crowd goes wild!" - sports announcers' favorite comment when spectators completely and noisily lose themselves in enthusiasm for a sports hero. Every now and then -- and perhaps not often enough - crowds at the U.S. Nationals behave in a similar manner as they attach themselves to a contender so demonstratively, so thoroughly, and so loudly that all others (no matter their quality) pale in significance. It happened this year at Albuquerque.

From the moment *Emanor and Michael Byatt stepped into the arena for the stallion semifinals, spectators had their winner and they never let up in the din they created in support of him. When *Emanor was named National Champion Stallion, that cheering was heard half way around the world. Through fast fingers on a cell phone, Jerzy and Urszula Bialobok at Michalow Stud in southern Poland (where *Emanor was bred) heard the crowd noise as George Zbyszewski shouted over the roar, "You have a champion!"

*Emanor had no time to bask in the glory of the National Championship, The team goal for 2000 was to get him back in the showring under saddle at Scottsdale. There he won the English Pleasure Championship class. "If people think they've seen this horse in his glory as a halter horse, he's going to knock their socks off when he trots through the in-gate under saddle," George notes. "People should know that this horse wears only eight-ounce shoes. When he arrived from Poland, we put the usual 13.5-ounce shoes on him. He wore them only two days because at the trot his motion is so extreme he was hitting himself under the belly and causing bleeding." "I've ridden *Emanor," says Mila Hart. "So I've had the pleasure of being up on the most balanced horse ever. George told me, 'Look down, bend over, and you'll get a knee in the chin.'"

So we salute the last U.S. National Champion Stallion of the century. For the *Emanor team, he brings new perspectives to the breed. *Emanor lets us begin the new millennium with a horse that is different, once who brings both athletic ability and beauty in one package, one who will narrow the gap between halter horses and performance horses. "It couldn't happen at a better time," says George.
Sire Line: Bairactar
*Wojslaw Tallin Nabeg Arax

Talantlivaia Aswan

*Wilejka *El Paso Czort

Warmia Comet
Emanacja *Eukaliptus *Bandos Negatiw

Eunice Comet

Emigracja Palas Aswan

Emisja *Carycyn
Dam Line: Milordka