1985 Chestnut Stallion
Owner: Bishop Lane Farm
Breeder: Patterson Arabians
Stud Fee: $3000 LFG
Transported Semen
International Frozen Semen
Sweepstakes Nominated Sire
SCID Clear
Standing at: Bishop Lane Farm
  Sebastopol, CA
Contact: Shilo Bishop
US National Reserve Champion Futurity Colt
US National Top Ten Stallion
Regional Champion Stallion
International Sire of Significance
Monogramm - quintessential show horse and superlative sire - the unparalleled global ambassador for Arabian type, trot, quality and charisma. Still considered one of the most dynamic show horses of all time, Monogramm represents for many  Arabian enthusiasts a near ideal image of the Arabian stallion. His hallmark features are his charismatic presence, unparalleled quality, a show stopping trot and undeniably one the most beautiful and perfectly sculpted heads ever seen on an Arabian stallion. Add to these qualities a wonderfully shaped, elegantly arched neck, strong coupling, outstanding tail carriage and a powerful, ground covering stride, and it is easy to understand why  Monogramm was always the crowd favorite as soon as he hit the ring.

As a sire, Monogramm has been amazingly prepotent. He consistently stamps his foals with: model Arabian type with especially dry and beautifully sculpted heads; length, leanness and wonderfully graceful suppleness through the throatlatch and poll; an abundance of show ring charisma, confidence and that intangible quality we define as “presence”; a superior level of quality and refinement; and that trademark Monogramm animated and ground-covering trot. These are very much the traits that describe Monogramm the individual – that he is able to transmit these qualities with remarkable consistency across a broad range of genotypes and phenotypes (in the mares he has covered) is his true legacy to the Arabian breed.

The Monogramm influence is spreading around the world through his Polish-bred get, with over 95 champions and counting in nearly 20 countries across the globe, including 45 National winners and 67 champions at the Regional level. Monogramm’s success as a sire across several diverse and demanding disciplines is most impressive. He has sired winners at the Regional and National level in virtually every discipline in which Arabian horses compete: English Pleasure, Country English Pleasure, Pleasure Driving, Country Pleasure Driving, Western Pleasure, Hunter Pleasure, Ladies Sidesaddle, Show Hack, Native Costume, Dressage, Working Hunter, Jumpers, Reining, Working Cow Horse, Equitation, Walk/Trot, Western Horsemanship, Sport Horse in Hand and Sport Horse Under Saddle. Not only have his get scored major wins in the open divisions of nearly all these divisions, they have been equally successful in the all important Amateur Owner and Junior Owner divisions. This, perhaps more than anything else, is the greatest testament to Monogramm’s ability to sire trainable, highly adaptable and versatile Arabians. Add to this list, several stakes winners and stakes placed horses at the racetrack along with a handful of promising endurance competitors and you have the portrait of a sire for all reasons. At 20 years of age, Monogramm has achieved exactly what was expected of him by many of the world's leading horsemen. He was a superior show horse  - he is an unparalleled sire.
Sire Line: Kuhailan Haifi
Negatraz *Bask Witraz Ofir

Balalajka Amurath Sahib
*Iwonka III

*Negotka Negatiw Naseem

*Bigotka Arcus
Bint Munira
*Monogramma Knippel Korej Kann

Parfumeria Piolun

Monopolia Priboj Piolun

Mammona Ofir
Dam Line: Sahara